Greenthings is a leading agricultural development company, which is transforming the landscape of agriculture; we are the current heavyweight champions of radical agricultural participation, economic empowerment and transformation of farmer’s livelihoods.



Transform black emerging farmers into viable sustainable commercial farmers, through robust engagements and application of knowledge and skills attained as a collective.



To champion radical transformation and sustainable development within the sector by

§ Engaging all stakeholders

§ Organized local structures [committees]

§ Mass participation in communities

§ Eradicate poverty

§ Create sustainable employment

§ Establishing co-operatives.



§ Creation  of wealth;

§ Creation of employment opportunities;

§ Increasing self-reliance of black farmers;

§ Improvement of black people participation in farming;

§ Ease access to market information for farmers;

§ Preservation of local culture of farming;

§ Enhancing sustainable management of natural agricultural resources and ecological system.

§ Ensuring effective and efficient governance of youth led organizations

§ To promote and develop excellence in agriculture amongst young blacks and create awareness of the need to improve farming activities in order to ensure food security and economic stability in the country;

§ To seek development solutions that are sustainable for the youth in our community and other rural communities;

§ To advocate for youth’s equal participation and representation in agriculture and rural development. Eliminating skewed participation and inequality in the sector.